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We manage, supply and recycle water for the driest region in the UK. So we love every drop. We love the opportunities that come with it. Because we are redefining what a utility company can be. From delivering the highest standards of customer service to transforming the way water is valued by everyone, we work at the frontier to innovate and improve every day. Discover your part of Anglian Water country today.
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“I chose the Leakage Technician Apprenticeship because it was a good opportunity to get work experience but also earn while doing it. It was a good start for a career within Anglian Water as they are rated as the best company to work for within the UK which I can totally agree with from the experience I have had here.  The aspects of my role I enjoy the most are being outside and having the opportunity to talk to customers and people in general. I enjoy the fact that I plan what I do during the day to maximise productivity and I like that I am very trusted to do my job as there is no one in the field to ensure you do what needs to be done. The advice I would give for a smooth transition from school into work is to make sure that the jobs you are looking to apply for are exactly what you want to do. Looking into the job role using job descriptions gives you a better understanding of what is being asked.”

Brianika Hewitt

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Anglian Water


We cover the largest geographical area in England and Wales stretching from the Humber estuary, to the Thames estuary, and from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast.


Because of our region’s size, we run more water and water recycling treatment works than elsewhere - 1,257 - a quarter of all the works in England and Wales.


We supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.


We have 112,833 kilometres of water and sewer pipes - if we laid them end to end, they would take us a quarter of the way to the moon.


We’re one of the driest regions in the country with some areas receiving lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem which is why it’s vital to look after the water we’ve got.

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