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If you have people within your care, whether that be in a professional or personal setting. We have a variety of free care training courses for you.

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Who should take these courses?


The short answer is everybody. Complementing a health and social care online course can be a quite straightforward process. We have quality ensured care courses which can help in all walks of life. Everyone needs care in some form or another, whether that is the support of a friend through hard times or a councillor for darker periods of your life.   



If you want to protect the people in your care, a care course for beginners could give you that entry point. We offer free care worker training courses in many areas of the United Kingdom. Many of our UK care courses are nationally accredited.   

We have a variety of care assistant qualifications and care worker qualifications. If you would like to find out more about our courses, feel free to get in contact with our Qualifications Team at 0203 900 3091.  

Many people who are regular carers, often have limited personal time. So, an online care course would be perfect for you, working remotely in hours of your choosing.   


Childcare courses are useful for those who want to learn more about their own child or the children they care for. Childhood adolescence can be a confusing time for all, and not all children are given the guidance they have sought after. If you are in a position of care for someone young and impressionable, it may be useful to gain further insight into the topics you are educating them on with Adverse Childhood Experiences Level 2.   

When working with children we must be sure to teach equality and inclusion. It is at a young age when a child's knowledge and understanding of topics begin to form. Understanding Neuroscience in the Early Years Level 2 would be useful for those parents who want more knowledge on their child's development and how they will learn how they can assist.  

Office workers   

Customer care is an integral part of a business. If your customers do not enjoy the experience of your product, they are very unlikely to provide repeat business. We offer a range of customer service courses, that may suit the needs of your business. Ups-kill your staff today with a customer care qualification. 

If you are personally looking to train in this sector, we offer free distance learning customer service courses that you can take around your working schedule. Gain new customer service skills today!

NVQ Health Care Qualifications

Many of the health care qualification that we provide are nationally accredited. This means that they have been regulated by training providers across the country to ensure they are of the highest standard. If you check the accreditation section of your chosen care course, there will be more information on this topic. Gain a national vocational qualification today, employers like to see training is from a trusted provider.  

Skills and Personalities needed:






Strong listening and communications   


Child Care Courses

If you have a younger person in your care, a childcare course can help provide you with lots of useful information to help aid them. The world is fast changing, and it is hard to keep up with all the new adversities and dangers children may face in today's age. If you would like to learn more about our childcare courses, then have a browse or get in contact today!  

Due to the eligibility criteria for many training opportunities, we offer. Some childcare qualifications we offer are only for adults. Our childcare courses for adults are nationally recognised and have been quality ensured.   

Elderly Care Qualifications

The most common roles within the care industry involve catering to the elderly. When those you care for reach a point where they are no longer able to fully tend to themselves, it can be a hard time for all. Fortunately, there are trained care professionals who work tirelessly so those you care about can still live their best possible quality of life. The elderly care courses we offer are great for those who want to progress within this environment. 

Carers and NHS staff are currently in high demand. If you would like to take your first steps/upskill in the care industry, we offer a variety of courses. Have a browse and get in touch today.  

Employment Within the Care Industry

These courses are relevant to everybody. But there are specific Health and Safety dedicated careers:   

Care Assistant   

Support Worker