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If you are looking to start a business, improve your business, stay up to date with legislation or gain knowledge in a certain sector within a company, we will have the course for you.

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Who should take these courses?


If you are seeking the skills and knowledge needed to develop a business start-up. Our Business Start-up Level 2 will give you an understanding of the initial processes and requirements of a business start-up. You will also gain knowledge of the first steps you will need to take in order to create a business start-up, including the marketing, legal and financial requirements. But, most importantly you will gain an understanding of how to build a business plan. 

Business owners  

Improving a business’s performance is vital for any business owner. Making improvements that save on time or costs can have huge benefits to an organisation. Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 teaches you about the study of business improvement techniques, including workplace organisation, building effective teams and managing working relationships. 


Strong team leadership is essential for providing guidance, direction and instruction within a group and inevitably leads to more effective teamwork and more motivated employees. Being able to manage a team effectively is critical in the current job market, where employee productivity and team outcomes are closely monitored. Our Team Leader Level 2 is a perfect entry point for those who believe they have the character traits necessary for a leadership role. 

A lean organisation allows staff to provide the greatest customer value, with the fewest resources. A detailed understanding of this, combined with knowledge of business techniques and teamwork, is imperative in the efficient running of day-to-day business. Lean Organisation Management Level 2 is designed to give learners a detailed understanding of the key principles of lean organisation management. 

Customer Service 

This is one of the most understated sectors of a business, without good customer service it is unlikely you will run a successful business. The client must always feel important, and their concerns need to be addressed quickly and calmly. Our Customer Service Level 2 Qualification provides all the information you need, so you can effectively provide the assistance your clients need. 

Business Administrator 

Understanding communication in a business environment is vital for business administration. Every organisation will have different priorities and characters within their ranks. So, understanding how to develop working relationships with colleagues is a necessity to fulfil the role effectively. Our Business Admin Level 2 will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed for this position. 


The role of a marketer encompasses so many different duties and responsibilities. From internal to external marketing, you must manage internal affairs whilst generating ROI on campaigns aimed to drive inbound revenue. Because of this Event Planning Level 2 would suit many marketer's needs as you will learn how to manage events which will build your company's profile. 

With digital marketing becoming the largest growing area in the marketing sector, Digital Skills for Work Level 2 will be incredibly useful for today's marketers. You will learn how to apply digital skills more effectively in a business setting. You will learn how to identify sources of information to meet business needs, how to collect and store important data the right way, and how to use online meeting technology to collaborate with others. 


An accountant will carry out routine financial activities and support for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. If you would like to develop your core accounting skills Accounting Level 3 Diploma will be the best option for you. 

Skills and Personalities needed for an office environment:


Attention to detail 


IT Skills 

Polite mannerisms  

Ability to follow instructions  

Collaboration skills 

Business Roles Available

There are 3 main types of role within an office business setting. 





Positions within an office business setting. 





Team Leader  



Customer Service  

Systems expert