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Technology is fast becoming the industry of the future. Keeping up with the changes of each new wave of IT (Informational Technology) can be daunting.

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Who should take these courses?


The short answer is everybody. Complementing an online digital skills course can be a quite straightforward process. We have quality ensured ICT courses which can help ups-kill you in any industry. Employers are more likely to hire someone who reached the national standards for essential digital skills. 

Office Workers  

Many people who work within an office environment find it hard to fit their personal development around the responsibilities of their role within the company. They spend ages searching for software courses near me, which they probable to not have the time to commit too. Fortunately, all our FREE COURSES are remote studied in hours of your choosing. So, stop searching for evening computing courses near me, and sign up to a nationally accredited course today! If you believe this could fit your needs, we recommend a Level 2 certificate in IT user skills.  

Older Generations  

Digital functional skills courses are perfect for the older generation who did not grow up in the digital age. For people who know little about IT, there are many benefits of our Level 2 Digital Skills Course. Learn how to navigate the web effectively to find out the best deals for you. But most importantly you could learn how to fix that laptop that always isn't working. But don’t worry, we also try turning it off and on first. Take your next step with a computer course for beginners.  

Business Owners  

Data protection and security is a necessity for an owner of a business. There are many legal ramifications that come with data collection and storage. You must ensure that you protect your data and move it securely in line with GDPR policies. A great way to do so is our Level 2 Certificate in Date Protection and Security, if this sounds like something you may be interested in then get in contact today. 


We won't explain the necessity of software training for marketers, in modern day settings it is a huge part of the role, especially within SME’s. Many marketers look at IT colleges for their ict training, fortunately we work with renowned training providers across the country. Gain essential digital skills qualifications tailored to your job role. Our Level 2 Digital Marketing Qualification encompasses many of these skills and techniques to help you more effectively fulfil your job role. 


Many people will be surprised to see freelancers mentioned. We believe they often do not get enough mention as many businesses relay on freelancers to fulfil their data security protection. If this is a career path you could be looking towards then look through our digital skills courses.  

IT Retraining courses for adults

If it has been a while since your last computing lesson as it has been for many. Now is the right time to refresh your knowledge and digital skills. Part of our computing courses criteria is that you must be above the age of 19, that’s why these computing courses are only for adults. Don’t spend ages of time searching for computer courses for adults near me, instead do a distanced learning course in a timeframe that suits your individual needs.  

Computer courses for beginners

There are many benefits to being proficient in digital skills. If you do not possess this training or knowledge, it may set you back. Employers are more than often looking for their staff to be adept with a computer/basic software program. This is where The AIM Groups nationally accredited computer courses for beginners come into play. Start learning for FREE today and browse our wide range of training opportunities.  


Understanding of software programs  

Basic/Strong IT skills 

Keep up to date with changes in technology  

Ensure high levels of data security  

Break into new industries  

ICT Roles Available

These courses are relevant to everybody. But there are many specific computer-dedicated careers:  

Date Security officer  


Digital Marketer  

Customer Assistant  


Data Analyst