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As everyone faces the pressures of current societal issues, it is vital to educate ourselves on the importance of an inclusive society. The Current Trends courses provided by the AIM Group can aid individuals and businesses to improve their workplace and the wider society we live in.

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Who would benefit from these courses?


Management would benefit substantially from the Current Trend courses available. To ensure a thriving workplace, employees must feel safe and respected in order to achieve their peak productivity. To create that environment, our courses can assist you in creating an inclusive environment. With courses such as LGBT inclusivity in the workplace; it encourages management to challenge themselves to create that environment for all employees. 


Employees must be educated in the importance of complying with the Equal Pay Act 1970 and the Equality Act 2010 which covers so much of their rights within the workplace. Furthermore, they can also be educated in the extremely diverse society which Britain has become, ensuring they can celebrate their differences with each other. 

Taking our trending courses can help you better understand colleagues and the potential struggles that they face. We are firm believers that creating an inclusive workplace will help improve productivity and a aid the creation of a safe environment for all.  


Teachers and parents have a lot of responsibility when educating young children about their role in creating an inclusive society. The importance of climate change awareness, among many other societal issues, will only increase as they become young adults and ensuring they are socially conscious is vital. 

Socially Aware Individuals  

Many adults have understood the change in social trends over the last couple of decades. To remain professional and empathetic when dealing with many societal issues, it is vital to become educated in how many of these issues affect others and the best way you can assist in dealing with them.  

Our courses are specially designed to assist you in helping to create a fairer and more inclusive society for our children and future generations which will improve everyone’s standard of living. 

Senior Citizens 

Many senior citizens have lived through a time of significant change from when they were young adults to today. Many things have changed in this time and while they are very inclusive and respectful, some can often make simple mistakes due to lack of education in recent years. If you feel like you would benefit from some additional education covering many different modern issues from climate change to LGBT rights, then the Current Trend Courses may be the ones for you. 

Young Adults 

We believe the youth are part of the reason we are becoming more “Woke.” They often do not get the credit they deserve for playing their part in the evolution of society and its growing inclusivity. With platforms like social media becoming majorly popularised, everyone can view and interact with opinions from around the globe.

What benefits would my business have from socially conscious employees?

For an employer or business owner, having precautions that ensure inclusivity is key. Creating an environment where employees feel comfortable should aid the successes of your business.  

Many of these courses are FREE! No there is no catch, and they are of great value. All the free courses we offer are supplied by regulated training providers and colleges across the United Kingdom. We can provide this service at no cost due to our funding methods. We work within the regulations of the AEB (Adult Education Budget) This is an initiative derived in order to help upskill the nation!  

Skills and Personalities you can develop:

This is of course dependant on the qualification you decide to take. More info is provided on the benefits section of your chosen course.  





Environmental Awareness  


There are many benefits to the education of current issues we face as a society. 

Stay up to date with current topics. 

If we have a stronger understanding of the prejudice many people face, we may be able to do our part to fix this injustice.  

Ensuring everyone feels included when equal opportunity is presented.  

Make renewable decisions with the understanding of Environmental Awareness. - If this is something you are particularly interested in, check out our new article.