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Every employer has workplace health and safety training responsibilities. This is often designated to a certain member of staff, who has achieved health and safety qualifications.

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Who should take these courses?


The short answer is everybody. Complementing a hse certification online can be a quite straightforward process. We have quality ensured courses in safety and protection which can help upskill you in any industry. Employers are more likely to hire someone with a health and safety certificate because most companies are legally required to have a designated hse qualified staff member.  


Child endangerment prevention is one of the main responsibilities of a guardian. This can be quickly achieved by a 1-day health and safety course online. Alternatively, more senior members of staff my feel they want a more in-depth health and safety officer course. Either way, we will have a course suited to you.  

Office health and safety   

When working in an office there are many health and safety standards that must be followed. These regulations are put in place by the government to ensure the protection of staff. With free health and safety courses with certificates across the Uk, now is the perfect time to get educated on life saving qualifications.  


If you want to protect the people in your care, weather that be for professional or personal reasons. A health and safety course for beginners will give you that entry point.  

Many people who are regular carers, often have limited personal time. So, an online health and safety course would be perfect for you. Work remotely in hours of your choosing.  

Construction health and safety   

When working on building sites, health and safety is a major concern. PPE and responsible actions are a necessity when working in a dangerous environment.  

Many people look for a level 1 health and safety in a construction environment. We recommend a level 2 health and safety course, it’s a lot more in depth. Alternatively, our Level 3 Warehousing and storage is a great qualification for career progression.   

Food health and safety  

Safety regulations are a necessity within the catering industry. All food preparation must be done in a clean and decisive manner. As anyone working in this sector knows, it gets hot in the kitchen and ensuring safety precaution are met with all your responsibilities can be difficult. Our health and safety courses help you understand all the necessary precautions.  


When working in retail, the client comes first. This also applies for safety responsibilities. If you want to ensure the wellbeing of your clients, we recommend taking the necessary precautions.  


When working in entertainment there are many legal responsibilities. The show must go on, but the show must be done in a controlled and safe environment.  

There are many dangers to gyms and training sectors. Take the necessary health and safety precautions to ensure the safety of your clientele.  

What health and safety do I need for my business?

For an employer or business owner, health and safety precautions are key. Health and safety training will help you comply with all the regulations you need to meet and prevent serious accidents from occurring.  

These courses are normally completed within working hours and are paid for by the employer. Because many starting/existing businesses do not always have a surplus of cash, this can be a challenge. Fortunately, we offer many free online courses. If you are looking to make the investment, we offer paid courses which can be completed much faster. It all depends on your business's priorities.   

Skills and Personalities needed:


Attention To Detail   

Leadership Qualities   

Quality Assurance   

Strong Initiative   

Persistence and Determination   

Knowledge of Public Safety and Security   

Computer and Software Competency   

Risk Assessment   

Average Wage Statistics

Average Wage  

Starter - 22,000   

Experienced - 50,000   

Common Hours   

38/40 per week   

Common Working Schedule   

Between 8am and 6pm   

Health and Safety Roles Available

These courses are relevant to everybody. But there are specific Health and Safety dedicated careers:  

Health and Safety Apprentice   

Health and Safety Technician   

Health and Safety Officer   

Health and Safety Organiser   

Health and Safety Coordinator  

Health and Safety Manager  


Benefits to a health and safety course:  

Employers need trained safety professionals.  

Make a difference when it is needed. 


Benefits to working in a health and safety role:  

Working in this sector can be very rewarding. If you care about the wellbeing of others this could be the perfect career path for you. Making a genuine impact to the safety of your peers can lead to a great night sleep.