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If you or somebody you care for struggles with their mental health, understanding the difficulties they face in order to effectively provide support, is one of the best things you can do for them.

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Who would benefit from a Mental Health course?


The short answer is everybody. Completing an online mental health course can be a quite straightforward process. You never know the impact it could have on somebody who is struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and many more mental health related symptoms. If you can offer this knowledge to yourself or others, it can go a long way to treating the root of the illness.  


Child endangerment prevention is one of the main responsibilities of a guardian. If a child within your care looks to be struggling with any of these issues, then it is your duty to offer them the care they so desperately need. In order to do so effectively, you must be educated on the topics that you intend to teach people about. That’s why a Level 2 safeguarding and prevent certificate could be perfect for you.  

One of the main difficulties with working with children is the wide range of abilities a class may have. Students learns with different methods and a teacher must cater to all. This is done whilst simultaneously teaching 30 students. For those students who may not indulge information as fast as others the Level 2 Understanding Autism and Level 2 Challenging Behaviour courses are perfect for professionals who would like to cater to all.  

Teaching can be a gruelling environment and Mental Health First Aid and Advocacy in the Workplace Level 2 will help managers to support staff and recognise signs of struggle. Information is key, understand how to help those who need it most. 


Children and young people's mental health awareness is the perfect course for parents and guardians who are looking to gain a further understanding into the social pressures and ramifications of bullying. If someone within your care is going through this hardship a free online qualification may be the best place to start looking for solutions. If you believe your child is on the other end of this exchange and you believe they are making life difficult for other children, it is your responsibility to teach them a better way. Our Challenging Behaviour in Children course will give you all the tools you need to help aid those within your care.  


People who care for others, need to consider the necessary precautions is ordered to ensure the mental health of those within their care. Physical health can often be the main responsibility of most carers, but there is more to life than just surviving. We are here to enjoy the journey and those within your care should feel this enjoyment.  

If you want to protect the people in your care, whether that be for professional or personal reasons. A mental health course for beginners will give you that entry point. Many people who are regular carers, often have limited personal time. So, an online mental health course would be perfect for you. Work remotely in hours of your choosing with Awareness of mental Health Level 2.  

Construction Workers  

When working long, laborious hours on building sites, mental health is a major concern. When working in a dangerous environment it can cause sleepless nights and fear of the next day. Our courses can help provide clarity on your mental health and give you tips to climb over these hurdles. Get in contact today about our distanced learning Level 2 mental health awareness course.  


When working in a professional environment there are many mental health responsibility's managers have. These regulations are put in place by the government to ensure the protection of staff. With free mental health courses with certificates across the Uk, now is the perfect time to get educated on life saving qualifications. 

Understanding Mental Health?

If you are looking to understand mental health, recognising signs in others and offer support. Our CACHE accredited level 3 mental health courses are the best place to start. It will help you learn more about a range of symptoms and variety of care options there are.  


When you feel that someone within your care is struggling with mental health related problems it can be difficult to effectively provide the care that they need. This is because you may not have a full understanding of what they are going through. How can we effectively provide care on a topic we know not enough about. The best way to help those who desperately need your advice and guidance, is to learn about the problem, so you can provide the solution. Our extensive range of mental health focused courses can help you recognise signs and provide support. 

Mental Health Support Roles Available


Teaching Staff  

Health and Safety Apprentice   

Health and Safety Technician   

Health and Safety Officer   

Health and Safety Organiser   

Health and Safety Coordinator  

Health and Safety Manager  


Benefits to a health and safety course:  

Employers need trained safety professionals.  

Make a difference when it is needed. 

Learn more about the problems those you care for are facing. 

Raise awareness of a taboo subject. 


Benefits to working in a health and safety role:  

Working in this sector can be very rewarding. If you care about the wellbeing of others this could be the perfect career path for you. Making a genuine impact to a person's safety can lead to a great night sleep.