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We offer a range of Free online Health and wellbeing courses. These courses are great for personal development and understanding how to lead a greater quality of life.

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Who should take Health and Wellbeing courses?


The short answer is everybody. Occupational health and wellbeing courses are a great way to understand yourself and others around you. We all feel we a make a positive impact, but could we be doing more? Complementing an online qualification can be a quite straightforward process, feel free to browse all our options.  


Understanding your children can be very difficult sometimes. But how can you truly understand them, when we don’t always understand ourselves. The AIM Group offer health and wellbeing courses online across the Uk, to help you with this. Our Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children & Young Peoples Mental Health is perfect for those who are struggling with these quires.  

Health and wellbeing in the workplace  

How can you focus on work when you have not got a clear mind. If this is caused by issues within your employment, you may need to make a change. Health and wellbeing training courses can help you understand how to focus and lead a better quality of life. If there are persistent issues in your life, that affect your productivity, it may help to understand them and act. Our Level 2 Mental Health First Aid Advocacy in the Workplace will help ensure we do not face these advocacies and if we do, it will help us understand how to manage them.  


If you want to protect the people in your care, weather that be for professional or personal reasons. A health and wellbeing course will give you that entry point. Many people who are regular carers, often have limited personal time. So, an online health and wellbeing course would be perfect for you. Study remotely in hours of your choosing.  The Level 2 Certificate in Adult Social Care our most popular course for Carrers today. 

Health and wellbeing In the Construction environments   

When working on building sites, health and wellbeing is a major concern. Healthy diets and adequate sleep will help provide you with the energy that is necessity when working in a dangerous environment.  If you are not on top of your health it may catch up with you, take the necessary precautions in order to ensure you have all the best chances of leading a long and prosperous life.   

Catering Health and wellbeing   

We offer many Health and Nutrition courses that can majorly contribute to your wellbeing. Clean and balanced diets can massively increase productivity and energy throughout the day.  

Our Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition course is perfect for understanding nutritional values and healthy living. If you work in a restaurant/catering industry this may be very useful in order to provide nutritional meals.   


Balanced diets and regular exercise are a necessity when looking to live a healthier lifestyle. You may be exercising many times a week, but still not seeing the benefits you look to achieve. This is because you are not reaching the daily nutritional values your body needs. If you want to learn more about this for your personal development or it is a necessity for your job role, the Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition and Health has all the information you need. 

What is the difference between Health and Wellness?

One of your main focuses in life should be the retention of your health. But how do we achieve this? If you practice wellness throughout your life your chances are greatly increased. So, the goal must be your health, but this is aided by ongoing practises of wellness. Take initiative with h and w training, which is easier than ever using our free wellbeing courses Uk.  


Wellness is never complete. It is an ongoing effort an individual puts in to strive for a greater quality of life. Many people look to meditation and spirituality to focus on a clear mind, other may prefer to go to the gym and lift weights to suppress the burdens of the working day. Everybody is different and we all have our own techniques to improve health. There is no perfect formula to achieve wellness, it is something we learn throughout our lives. But the health and wellbeing training courses we offer may help aid/speed up this process for you.  


A healthy person refers to a someone who is free of the burden of illness. There is no guarantee anyone will achieve this, but we can try our best to retain a healthy state. Our h and w courses may help educate you on these self-improvements you can strive to make. We are never guaranteed a long life, so we should live it to our fullest.   

Skills and Personalities you can develop:

Peace of mind  


Physical health improvement (In laborious roles this can help your fitness for work)  



Physical enhancements   

Positive lifestyle changes   

Deeper understanding of your peers (Help manage fluctuations in people)  

Jobs in Health and Wellbeing

These courses are relevant to everybody. But there are many roles we believe Health and Wellbeing courses will aid you in:   


Wellbeing Counsellor   

Wellness Advisor    

Health Coach   


Occupational Health Technician   


Police Officer   

Benefits of good Health and Wellbeing

Help to achieve a higher quality of life 

Understand where you may be struggling and act (Emotional wellbeing training)   

Aid the public health 

Benefits to working in a Health and Wellbeing role:

Working in this sector can be very rewarding. If you care about the wellbeing of others this could be the perfect career path for you. Making a genuine impact to your peer's/students/client's quality of life can lead to a great night sleep.