Understanding Autism

This NCFE CACHE accredited level 2 qualification will help you to understand how autism can affect people differently and how you can support their individual needs.

Course Description

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a lifelong developmental condition. It affects how a person communicates and interacts with others, as well as how they perceive the world around them. Autistic people can experience a wide range of symptoms and levels of severity, from mild to severe. Some common signs of autism include difficulties with social communication, eye contact, repetitive behaviours or routines, and sensory sensitivities.

In the UK, autism is a relatively common condition, with an estimated 1 in 100 people being diagnosed. This means that there are around 700,000 people in the UK living with autism.

Autism is more commonly diagnosed in boys than in girls, with a male-to-female ratio of around 4:1. Despite the prevalence of autism in the UK, there is still a lack of understanding and awareness surrounding the condition. This can lead to difficulties in accessing appropriate support and services.

About This Course

This comprehensive autism course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the spectrum disorder. This includes how both adults and children with autism may process sensory information differently from others.

Our Autism Awareness course is suitable for a wide range of learners. This includes parents, educators, and healthcare professionals.

Unlike other training courses, this qualification is 100% online-based. This means you can study at a time and pace that suits you.

All learners will be supported by a qualified tutor who will mark your coursework and provide feedback. This ensures that you will have the highest quality of learning and that you will properly understand the course content.

Upon the completion of this course, you will receive an NCFE CACHE accredited certificate. This is recognised by employers and ensures the qualification has been tested for quality of learning.

Free Autism Course For Parents

This fully funded autism course is incredibly beneficial for parents of autistic children. It gives parents a deeper understanding of their child's condition so they can live healthy, fulfilled lives. It will equip parents with practical strategies and person-centred approaches to support their child's development and well-being.

The assessment process for Autism can take between 18 months to 2 years from getting a referral to receiving an official diagnosis. This course will help signpost this process so that you are better prepared with what to expect.

By gaining an understanding of autism, parents will be able to recognise the characteristics that may be present in their child. This can help to support them in social situations and allow them to identify repetitive behaviours. It can also support parents in supporting positive behaviour.

By learning about the different interventions and treatments available for children with autism, parents can make more informed decisions about their child's care and support.

Free Autism Course For Teaching Assistants and Staff

Studying this online level 2 qualification is beneficial for any member of staff working in education. If you are working with students with autism, it will help you to better understand their needs and the challenges they may face.

Teaching staff will gain knowledge of the legislation around autism and an understanding of how to get diagnosed with autism. With this awareness, staff will be better equipped to support parents and signpost the correct resources to help them further.

The free understanding autism free course will also allow teaching staff to develop more inclusive teaching strategies that benefit all their students.

Modules Covered

1 - Learn how individuals with autism process sensory information 

2 - Understand the characteristics that may be present in individuals with autism 

3 - Understand the conditions that commonly occur with autism 

4 - Learn the common misconceptions surrounding autism 

5 - Learn how speech, language and communication may differ in people with autism 

6 - Recognise how legislation and guidance underpins support 


Fully Accredited 

This online course is nationally accredited!  

We are partnered with the nation's leading colleges and training providers across the United Kingdom. This means many of our qualifications, including this one, are nationally recognised.  

This course is nationally accredited! It has been quality checked by an external awarding body to ensure you get the best possible results. 


• Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification 

• Improve your understanding of theories relating to autism 

• Perfect if you are continuing professional development

• Ensure you understand the autism spectrum and how people can be diagnosed

• Shorter than other methods of vocational training programs (others can take up to 18 months to complete)

• Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college


This course is fully funded and available to anyone who meets the requirements below:  

• Age 19+  

• EU / UK Resident for 3+ years  

* Not enrolled on another government-funded course 


If you have any questions about our courses, please call 02039003091 

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Understanding Autism

This NCFE CACHE accredited level 2 qualification will help you to understand how autism can affect people differently and how you can support their individual needs.

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