8 Most in-demand skills for the future of work

The world of work is changing day by day, with industries constantly evolving to stay up to date with current and future trends. These changes mean that the most in-demand skills, both soft and hard, are also constantly updating within the workforce.


Analysis is used in almost every industry, making it one of the most sought-after skills across different areas of work. Analysis gives you the ability to see potential issues before they arise and create solutions, saving businesses a lot of time and money. 

Data analysis has a strong presence in the finance industry, but it’s also used consistently in healthcare, retail, marketing, and the government, making it one of the most in-demand skills. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in recent years, with generative AI developing at incredible rates. AI involves machine learning, which gives a machine the ability to think and act more like a human would. More and more businesses are starting to utilise AI within their workforce to speed up and streamline certain processes. For example, websites have started to implement AI chatbots, marketing teams are using AI for content ideas and creation, and the NHS has even started to use it to ease the form-filling for doctors.  

Understanding AI and having the skills and knowledge to be able to use it in practice is a vital skill that will be relevant for years to come. 

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Cloud Computing 

Much like the increased use of AI, more companies are starting to upload their business systems to the cloud. In short, the cloud is a collection of software and servers stored on the internet, where data, files and more can be stored. Essentially, when something is in the cloud, it means it’s accessible via the internet rather than an internal hard drive. 

There’s a growing need for skilled employees who have the analytical and technical skills to understand these cloud-based systems, with businesses looking for people to build, maintain and monitor the servers. 


Leadership is a skill that will always remain in demand, no matter what is happening in specific industries and the job market. Having key leadership skills like clear communication, delegation, team building, decisiveness, and dependability sets you apart from other candidates who haven’t nailed down these soft skills.  

Gaining these skills not only provides a platform to move into leadership roles in different industries, but it also provides you with the skills and knowledge to stay ahead in your current role – helping you to climb the corporate ladder. 

User experience (UX) design 

User experience (UX) design skills enhance how user-friendly digital platforms and software are. With new platforms and software being designed and developed at an advanced rate, and new technology such as virtual reality headsets becoming more accessible for the general public, the demand for UX skills has heightened. 

Developing this skill gives you an advantage over those in the design and creative industry who don’t, which can be crucial with the development of technology to futureproof your career. 

Web Development 

To create websites, apps, and online content, web development skills are a must. Web developers play a key part in the success of an online company, with the developer often planning the design and architecture of the website as well as developing and working on it consistently over time. 

Understanding how to code in different languages like Python, SQL, and JavaScript, as well as knowing how to use HTML and CSS for responsive design are crucial skills to provide the basis of a web development career. 

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Statista estimates that almost $19 billion (£15b) will be spent on blockchain solutions by the end of 2024. This shows how advanced the industry is quickly becoming. 

The blockchain is used to create and manage cryptocurrency. The technology protects the information that it stores and stops it from being changed. Due to this enhanced security, it’s being used in increasing amounts in healthcare, banking, and the government.  

This is a growing industry, which requires skilled workers to ensure the development and security of details and information stored in the blockchain. Gaining knowledge about data structures, cryptography, and smart contracts give you an advantage if you are looking to take a step into the blockchain job market. 


As you may have noticed from most of the previous skills that we’re in a digital age, which therefore requires digital skills. Cybersecurity one of the most crucial skills in the current digital climate, and especially will be going forward with the increase in AI and cloud usage.  

Cybersecurity protects computers, servers, networks, and electronic devices such as mobiles from malicious attacks. Having a solid understanding of the following skills can give you a solid base to give your career more stability and security in the future: 

  • Hacking 
  • Cloud security 
  • Blockchain security 
  • Computer forensic skills  

Keeping pace with the evolving demands of the workplace is crucial for career advancement. From essential skills like analysis to cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence and blockchain, the future workforce requires a diverse skill set. Leadership, user experience design, web development, and cybersecurity are key areas for growth. By mastering any of these skills, you’ll not only boost their employability but also contribute to shaping the future of work. 

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