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Adult Apprenticeships FAQs

How is this qualification funded?

This can vary, depending on the size of the organisation you work for. Your employer will need to pay some form of financial contribution towards the training costs. We can discuss this in more detail with your employer should you be interested. 

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training programme that combines on-the-job learning with classroom instruction. It provides an opportunity for individuals to gain practical skills, knowledge, and experience in a particular trade or profession while earning a wage. They typically last between one and four years, depending on the program, and culminate in a nationally recognised qualification. 

How will I be supported?

One-to-one tutor support is provided throughout the qualification. This will range from regular meetings to workplace visits. It all depends on the training provider and course you are studying. You can reach your tutor, at any point during the course, if you need assistance. If you need any additional support, The AIM Group customer care support is always here - 02039003091 (EXT) 1 

How do I enrol?

If you meet the requirements, you can sign up. You will need to discuss this qualification with a senior member of staff. Because your employer will need to pay some form of financial contribution towards the training costs. We can discuss this in more detail with your employer should you be interested. 

Why can’t I find the course I am looking for?

You may have activated the wrong filter, within the shop. You can search by course type and category. If you are still unsure of which course you would like to take, feel free to contact a member of our qualifications team - 02039003091 (EXT) 2

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate from your college once you have completed the course. This is normally after completion of coursework and an end assessment.  

How are Level 3 Apprenticeships funded?

Our Level 3 Apprenticeships do not receive funding from the AEB. Therefore, this responsibility turns to your employer. However, the course will only be fully funded by your employer, if you meet the set eligibility criteria. This includes: 

  • Age 16+   
  • EU / UK Resident for 3+ years  
  • You will be required to have achieved Level 1 English and Maths and achieved Level 2 English and Maths tests before completion 
  • You must be CURRENTLY employed within (course-specific) setting  

Please discuss the above details with your line manager, before applying for a Level 3 course. If you do require more information, please contact The AIM Group mainline 

What is the duration of a Level 3 Apprenticeship?

The duration of level 3 courses can be up to 15 Months. This can vary depending on the qualification.  

Paid Courses FAQs

How do I pay for this course?

There are many options for payment: 

  • You can pay in full via our Stripe secure payment service.  
  • You can also pay in full via PayPal.  
  • You can pay in 3 via PayPal. 
  • Or you can select a payment plan (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) via our Payl8r service. 

What is an online qualification?

Online qualifications are designed to work around your schedule. If you do not have the time to commit to 5 days a week in education, this is perfect for you. You will be supported by a qualified tutor plus an in-depth workbook. If you need any additional support, The AIM Group customer care support are always here - 02039003091 (EXT) 1 

How do I enrol?

Add this course to your basket and checkout. You will need to create an account with The AIM Group to build your learner individual portal. 

From here you will be redirected to the learning provider to discuss your chosen course in more detail and arrange payment. 

When can I start?

Now! You can start right away. Just add this course to your basket and checkout. You will need to create an account with The AIM Group to build your learner individual portal.

Why can’t I find the course I am looking for?

You may have activated the wrong filter, within the shop. You can search by course type and category. If you are still unsure of which course you would like to take, feel free to contact a member of our qualifications team - 02039003091 (EXT) 2 

Do the qualifications expire?

This is dependent on the qualification. Some qualifications may only be vaild for a set amount of time and learners may need to take a ‘re-fresher’ exam once expired. Similarly, other courses that are self-learning; such as the Microsoft courses, give learners 6-12 months to access and complete the course. 

What happens if I don’t complete the course in time?

All external exam vouchers must be used within its validity date. Please refer to the individual exams for validity. 

Can you get a refund if you don’t enjoy the course?

If the Learning voucher has been redeemed or pre-course work issued, no refunds can be issued as this is an indication of confirmation of training. 

Will I get access to the course as soon as I’ve paid?

It may take up to 24 hours to receive logins from the course provider.  

Is there an age requirement to do a paid course?

No there is no age limit.  

Why is there a limit to how long I can access the course if I've paid for it?

To ensure engagement of the learner and processing certificates. Some courses may have online classes that will be run for a team of learners progressing through the course together  

Can I get an extension on the course access?

Small extensions may be issued for holidays/ sickness  

What does ‘Virtual Classroom’ mean?

Attending via a teams/ zoom call. No travelling into a classroom 

How many courses can you do at once?

You can do as many as you like.

Can I put these courses on my CV?

Yes, they are accredited.

General Questions

What device will I need to complete a course?

You can complete an online course on a laptop or Tablet. Mobile is not recommended.   

Why can’t I find the course I am looking for?

Your postcode may not have funding for that particular course. To double check this is the case please make sure you have the right filters set.  

How do I enrol?

Add a course to your basket and checkout. You will need to create an account with The AIM Group to build your learner individual portal. From here you should receive enrolment forms via email (make sure to check your junk folder). You will then need to fill out your enrolment forms required depending on the college you are assigned to. You may also be asked to complete a short Maths and English test which you would’ve received in an email. Please note that you will need to upload a copy of some ID (passport/driving license/birth certificate) and you will need to input your NI number on any College forms.   

When can I start?

Just add a course to your basket and checkout. You will need to create an account with The AIM Group to build your learner individual portal. From here you should receive two emails, the first one is about your enrolment and the steps to enrol and the second is the enrolment form link itself. Once you have completed your enrolment form, it can take 5-10 days for a college to send your login information. 

How will I be supported?

Once you enrol onto a course, you will be assigned a tutor. Your tutor will be there to assess your work and provide feedback. You can resubmit work on more than one occasion. If you need an extension your tutor may be able to grant this to you.  

Why have I not received the certificate for my course?

Your allocated college can take up to 6 months to process your course certificate. Certificates can take up to this amount of time, as your work will need to be internally marked, and then may be sent to an external moderator for review. Colleges can also require centre visits from awarding bodies before issuing a certificate, which will increase the lead time. In the meantime, why not complete another qualification?  

It has been over 10 working days since completing my enrolment form and I still have not received logins to my course, what should I do?

Please contact our friendly customer care team who will be able to investigate this for you, on 

I no longer wish to continue with my course, who should I contact?

If you have enrolled on a course and no longer wish to continue, please contact your tutor in the first instance. If you are yet to receive logins to your course and decide it is no longer for you, please contact our customer care team by emailing  

What evidence is required to determine eligibility for a funded course?

At a minimum, most colleges will ask for a valid, photo ID. However, this will vary dependent on the college you are enrolling with and your own individual circumstances.   

I’m struggling to meet the deadlines for my course, what should I do?

If you are struggling to meet the set deadlines for your course, please do not panic. Contact your tutor in the first instance, as they may be able to grant you an extension in order to complete your work.  

How many courses can I do at one time?

For any government funded course, you can only complete one at a time. For all paid and CPD courses you are more than welcome to sign up to as many as you want.  

I’m interested in a particular course but can’t find it on your website, who can I contact?

We work with a number of colleges across the country, who offer many courses that are not listed on our website. Fill out a short contact us form and we will get onto it for you.  

I have completed my initial assessments, what happens next?

If you have achieved the required scores, we will send these to the college, who will issue your logins within 10 working days. If you have not achieved the required score, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss next steps.  

Who can I speak to?

Our phone lines are open between 8:45 - 17:30. We have a dedicated customer care team that can support with any queries you may have as well as a sales team that will guide you through your enrolment process. Our main enquiries line: 0203 900 3091. From here you will be redirected to a specific department, where a member of our team will happily assist you.  

Free Qualifications

What is a level 2?

Level 2 qualifications are short courses, designed to help you gain insight into a new field, without committing immense amounts of time. If you are interested in a new topic/investigating a career path, a level 2 is the perfect place to start.   

What is a level 3?

Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to an A Level. If you are interested in learning new skills, this could be best for you. It is more in depth than a level 2 and can be useful for breaking into new roles.   

What is the difference between a level 3 and an Apprenticeship?

Level 3’s are "learner lead" and an apprenticeship is "employer lead". A learner can sign up to the level 3 without the need for involvement from an employer, although some courses require learners to be employed to be observed doing certain tasks. Apprenticeships need to be signed off by the employer prior to a learner starting. 

How are our Courses Free?

Some of the courses available are completely free! These courses are delivered by our colleges that have been allocated funding via the Adult Education Budget. This pot of funding has been allocated by the government to give adults the chance to upskill for personal or professional development and no charge. 

How much time would I need to complete a course?

On average we recommend that 2hrs a week is suitable to complete a course in the standard 6-8 weeks. Now this can depend on your learning style, so colleges will offer extensions to those that need extra time. All you need to do is communicate with your tutor and they can assist you.

I’m confused? What’s next after I sign up?

Once you sign up for a course, you should receive notification via email (check junk) and SMS with all your enrolment information. You will need to complete all the required forms, you may be asked (via email) to complete a short English and maths test to continue your enrolment process.

Once you have completed all entry requirements, you will be on course. You will be introduced to your designated tutor, who will answer all your questions about course content and any general queries. 

When will I receive my qualification certificate?

Once you finish your course, you can expect to receive your certificate from the awarding body within 3-6 months. Many colleges usually issue it around the 3-month mark, so if you've been waiting longer than that, don't worry! Just reach out to the college directly for an update. 

How am I eligible for a free course?

Our courses are nationally accredited and funded by the AEB Budget. This means that there are certain criteria to adhere to. We ask that you first check your location using our Postcode Eligibility Checker. After finding a course in your area you will need to check the following. Are you 19+, Have been an EU / UK Resident for 3+ years & not enrolled on another government-funded course. If these statements are correct, you are eligible and ready to enrol on your course. 

Will I need to prove my identity in any way?

Our fully-funded qualifications require ID Verification. To complete our enrolment form you must have to hand a photo of identification. This could be any of the following: Driver's License, Passport Bank Statement, etc.  

All data you submit, including your ID, is kept secure using GDPR-compliant software with added encryptions and advanced threat detection. This ensures that all data is protected and can only be accessed by ourselves and your college to verify your identification and your eligibility for the course. 

Why haven’t I received my college logins?

We understand that once you have finished your enrolment, you may want to get started straight away. However, you will need to wait until your assigned college has sent the logins to your portal. These logins arrive via email and take around 5 working days to process. Please be patient and keep checking your inbox. Your course will not start until the logins have been sent so there’s no need to stress about being late. 

Can I book another course after completing my first one?

After you have marked your course as completed via your AIM portal, you are free to enrol on another one of our 200+ fully funded courses. You will only be able to enrol on another course once the previous course has been completed. As stated in our eligibility criteria there is not an option to take 2 fully funded courses at the same time. 

Short Courses

What is a CPD Course (Short Course)?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

What do I do once I have purchased my CPD Course?

You will receive an email confirmation with some important information on next steps. You will receive your logins and course access link via the email please note that it will take 1-2 working days to receive logins.  

Once logins are received you will be able to access your course on the portal and start your learning journey.  

What is accredited CPD training?

The CPD Certification Service offers independent CPD accreditation that aligns with global standards. Our CPD accreditation is acknowledged globally, providing assurance to professional bodies, educational providers, and learners that additional learning has been met via the qualification's standards.  

Is it all online?

Yes, our CPD courses are 100% online.  

Am I required to upload personal information?

You will be required to provide the following:  

  • Full name  
  • Email 
  • Phone number  
  • Address  

For Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment (Leading to CSCS Green Card) identification will be required.  

When can I access my course?

You should receive logins and a portal link from in 1-2 working days. If not please reach out to 


I can't locate my logins?

Please remember to check your spam folder as these would’ve been sent to you 1-2 working days after signing up.  

How do I access my course?

Once you have received your login details via email, you can access your course on the link below: 

How are the courses delivered?

Each course is divided into modules. For each module there is a video, and once the video has been viewed you are able to answer a set of multiple-choice questions. 

How many attempts will I get to complete the course?

You will get 3 attempts to complete your course. If you fail the course after 3 attempts, the module will lock and you will need to email for assistance. 

How will I receive my certificate?

A PDF copy of your certificate is available to download form the learning platform upon completion of your course. 

Can I be refunded for the course?

We can only offer a refund if you have NOT accessed the course material. Unfortunately, if you log into the learning portal, we cannot offer a refund. 


Why was I declined by Payl8r?

Frequently, a decline occurs due to inaccurate information entered on the credit application form. Please ensure all necessary information is entered accurately. 

While we cannot provide specific reasons for every decline, common factors include: 

  • Multiple accounts in default 
  • Inaccurate details provided 
  • Debit card not registered to the given address 
  • Negative status on payday loan accounts 
  • Failure to meet affordability criteria 

To determine your eligibility to use Payl8r, we highly recommend utilising the Eligibility Checker. This simple form will promptly inform you if you qualify to proceed with Payl8r. 

How long do refunds take?

Usually, it may take up to 10 working days for approved refunds to reach your account. 

Is there a cost to using finance/Payl8r?

The total cost will vary based on your chosen loan option, whether it's a 0% interest or interest-bearing plan. 

In addition to interest charges, there will be a £2 credit check fee and a £4.95 application fee. 

Important: The credit check fee will be reimbursed upon approval. 

How long will it take for my decision to be made with Payl8r?

For the majority of customers, the decision is automated and typically takes 30 seconds after confirming your application. 

However, a small minority of applications may necessitate additional information, potentially extending the processing time. In such cases, you will receive an email notification if your application is flagged for further review. 

The Payl8r team endeavours to provide a decision within 60 minutes for applications submitted between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If your application is received after hours, you can expect to hear from them on the next working day. 

How do I qualify for Payl8r?

  1. Be a UK resident  
  2. Have a regular source of income 
  3. Use online banking 

Is Payl8r interest free?

Opting for a 0% interest plan means you won't incur any interest charges. Alternatively, if you choose an interest-bearing plan and settle within 30 days, no interest will be applied. 

However, if you select an interest-bearing plan and fail to settle within 30 days, interest will be charged according to the terms outlined in your loan agreement. 

What will finance cost me?

You have the option to settle the full amount within 30 days with no interest charged or opt for an interest-bearing plan. Interest rates are contingent upon your status and commence at 1% per month. 

Please be aware that application fees may be applicable. 

It's important to note that missed payments could impact your credit history, and future loan applications and may result in additional fees. 

How is my affordability tested?

In the event of a traditional credit check failure, instead of outright rejecting your application, Payl8r may offer you the opportunity to provide your affordability details via Open Banking. 

What happens if I pay in instalments but don’t have enough money to continue paying?

This is at the discretion of the learner and PayPal as per PayPal’s terms and conditions. If the learner misses any monthly instalments we are not liable for chasing the payments.  

What if I miss a payment?

It’s important you keep up to date with payments to avoid damaging your credit file.  

However, if you do miss a payment, Payl8r will let you know via SMS and email and will give you 28 days to bring your account up to date before late fees are applied.  

All late fees are detailed within your credit agreement and will be listed in the email sent to you. 

Can I repay my payment loan early?

Yes, at no extra cost!  

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