What Were the Most Popular Online Courses in 2023?

The online course industry is flourishing, allowing for new qualifications and opportunities for learning online. But what online courses were the most popular for our learners in 2023, and why should you consider enrolling in 2024?

Our free online courses provide the opportunity for personal and professional development. With the chance the upskill, reskill, and gain new foundations for success, this is why these 5 courses were the most popular for our learners in 2023. 

Understanding Autism 

It’s estimated that 1 in 100 people in the UK have been diagnosed with autism, a lifelong developmental condition. That equates to roughly 700,000 people in the UK living with autism. 

Autism affects the way a person communicates, interacts with others, and views the world around them. The symptoms and level of severity that autistic people experience can vary, ranging from mild to severe. 

Some common signs of autism include: 

  • Difficulties with social communication 
  • Difficulties with eye contact 
  • Repetitive routines or behaviours 
  • Sensory sensitivities 

The course is designed to provide learners with an extensive understanding of the spectrum disorder, including learning how autistic adults and children may process sensory information differently to their peers. 

This fully funded course is beneficial for both parents and those working in the education industry. The course equips learners with a better understanding of the needs and challenges that autistic children face and gives learners the knowledge to support them. 

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Counselling is a type of therapy that involves talking to a trained professional to find ways to deal with mental health conditions or traumatic life events. Our Level 2 counselling course provides learners with the opportunity to explore different topics relevant to the role, including active listening, self-awareness, empathy, rapport building, and ethical considerations.  

The course combines theory, practical exercises, case studies, and role-playing scenarios to help students develop their counselling skills. Learners gain a thorough introduction to counselling, being provided with essential knowledge, practical skills, and a strong foundation that allows further growth and development in the area. 

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An open laptop, a mug filled with coffee, a notebook, and a phone on a wooden desk.

Business Administration 

One of the most popular courses in the last year was our level 2 Business Administration qualification, which is perfect for those looking to move into a business admin role, or to upskill in their administrative role by enhancing their skills and development. 

The course equips learners with the foundational knowledge and skills that are required to excel in different business administration roles. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the key concepts and tasks that are involved in the role by exploring topics such as communication, customer service, organising meetings and events, record-keeping, and the management of data and information. 

This course emphasises the development of practical skills, with the opportunity to enhance learners' proficiency in using business software applications, information systems, and administrative support tools. 

The qualification opens doors for professional development, and can lead to a career specialising in business admin with roles including: 

  • Business Administrator (£23,000 to £30,000)
  • Business Project Manager (£22,000 to £70,000)
  • Sales Administrator (£17,000 to £28,000)

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Functional Skills 

Level 2 Functional Skills courses are alternative qualifications to a GCSE Grade C. This can be a crucial qualification for anyone looking to find work or to progress in their career. 

We offer both English and Maths Functional skills courses, which both fall under our most popular courses in 2023 – for good reason. These functional skills qualifications give learners who have not achieved a GCSE Grade C equivalent the chance to apply for jobs in careers such as nursing, teaching, policing, the fire service, and more.  

Learners also get the opportunity to apply for higher education courses, apprenticeships, and other training courses. 

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Children And Young People's Mental Health 

Recent studies have shown that roughly 1 in 10 children and young people are affected by mental health problems. Our Level 2 Children and Young People’s Mental Health course provides an in-depth outline of different mental health conditions and gives learners effective ways to support children and young people.  

The number of young people affected by these issues has risen since the COVID-19 pandemic with many experiencing increased levels of stress, isolation, and uncertainty. This has resulted in increased levels of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. 

This course gives parents a better understanding of how they can support and protect their children’s mental health and wellbeing by learning about different mental health conditions, risk factors, and communication methods. 

It’s also a perfect course for anyone who works with children and young people, such as teachers or carers. The skills gained in the course are vital to identify and understand the issues that young people are struggling with. 

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