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Learning Curve Group is a national training and education specialist. We work with further education providers, employers and learners to help them achieve success. Since 2004, Learning Curve Group (LCG) has grown both organically and through acquisition to become one of the largest and most diverse providers in the country. We have strong values which are all centred around our learners – and that's how we believe it should be, as we impact on over 100,000 of them every year.
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5 fast facts about
Learning Curve


We continually strive to deliver excellence through strategic and sustainable partnerships with a wide range of FE organisations and employers


We endeavour to be open, honest and fair in our dealings with learners, employers, partners and stakeholders


We are passionate about supporting staff at all levels so that they can realise their full potential and progress


We are committed to continually exploring ways to improve the service we offer for the benefit of our learners, partners and employers


We are driven by the desire to provide life-changing opportunities for our learners

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