What is an A-Level equivalent qualification? 

A Level = Level 3 

An A-level is a qualification predominantly taken by students aged 16–18 years old. They usually take seven subjects (including two sciences and one language) and sit exams at the end of year 13.

This level of qualification can be achieved at any point in life. When many people retrain and start a new career path, they often look at level 2/level 3 courses.

Top 10 Level 3 Courses

There are lots of different courses available to help people achieve their goals.

These courses range from short courses to further education qualifications. You can choose any course that suits your needs. Level 3 Courses

Teaching Assistant - Level 3 Online Course
Teaching assistants are people who support students with their learning whilst in the classroom. They will often provide general assistance such as preparing classrooms or planning lessons to ensure all pupils have equal opportunities to learn.

Electrical Installation - Level 3 Online Course
Electrical installation involves fitting equipment such as: sockets, lights, fuses, circuit-breakers, RCDs and anything supplied through an electrical meter. Electricians need to follow safety regulations to ensure no accidents occur.

Leadership and Management - Level 3 Online Course
Organisations can benefit from staff being well managed. By learning the right skills, managers can boost the productivity and performance of their staff and build a more cohesive team.

Accounting - Level 3 Online Course 
Accounting is one of the core principles of the business world. An accountant will look at the daily cash flow for a company to help them to plan future operations and avoid any budgeting problems. They will understand finance, statistics and maths.

Construction and the Built Environment - Level 3 Online Course 
Construction and the built environment helps you to gain an essential understanding of the practical and theoretical frameworks around the industry. This is useful when looking into surveying, estimations, project management and building regulations.

Digital Marketer - Level 3 Apprenticeship (Must be in Current Employment)Di

Digital Marketer's are responsible for generating leads for a business through digital channels. They will often be responsible for channels such as the companies website, social media, SEO and online ads in order to grow their businesses audience.

Business Administrator - Level 3 Apprenticeship (Must be in Current Employment)  

Business Administrators support day-to-day operations. Often they will assist employees and customers with any issues they may have. Duties include interacting with clients, preparing documents and improving how the business operates.

Team Leader - Level 3 Apprenticeship (Must be in Current Employment)
Team Leaders are an integral part of how an organisation operates. They provide guidance and direction to staff to help meet the business's goals. They will need to motivate, advise and give instruction to ensure a successful operation.

Customer Service Specialist - Level 3 Apprenticeship (Must be in Current Employment)

This role specialises in supporting your business with internal and external stakeholders. Within the role, you will be responsible for handling queries and complaints and improving the overall customer experience.

Adult Social Care - Level 3 Online Course

Adult Social Care level 3 is based on the practical support that is given to someone to help them to live independently. This is often provided in a person's home or a care home. While it is different from healthcare they may provide medical support.

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The course is designed to help people who want to learn new skills and gain qualifications. It offers courses in areas such as business management, customer service, marketing, IT, and many others. Courses are available online and there are different levels of qualification to choose from.

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Most courses are free because we believe learning should be accessible to everyone. All our courses are self paced, interactive, and available on mobile devices. All Online Courses

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