Diabetes Management

LEVEL 2 | Care Course | Length Dependent On Learner Ability

About the Course

Diabetes is a growing issue in the UK with 3.2million people currently diagnosed with the disease and death from diabetes expecting to rise by 50% in the next 10 years. This course will enable you to identify the symptoms of diabetes and look after people in your care to manage their illness.


● Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification.
● Improve your understanding of the various forms and causes of diabetes.
● Evidence your competency to employers.
● Further your personal and professional development.
● Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college.
● Create better preventative care by being able to identify early signs of diabetes.

Course Units

● Unit 1 - Understand Diabetes
● Unit 2 - Prevention and Early Intervention of Type 2 Diabetes
● Unit 3 - Understand the Initial Care of Diabetes
● Unit 4 - Understand the Treatment and Management of Diabetes

Is this course for me?

Is this course for me?
This course is fully funded and is available to anyone who falls within the eligibility requirements below: 

• Age 19+ 
• EU / UK Resident for 3+ years

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