Today digital skills are used everywhere; from connecting to WIFI to keeping your passwords secure, many people already have a basic knowledge of digital skills. But could these skills be enhanced to support your career? Certainly.  

Digital skills are not just helping your grandma with her zoomed-in iPad. Digital skills are broadly defined as those needed to “use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information." For example: 


  • Communicating using emails with attachments participating on social media.  
  • Transacting by setting up accounts and paying securely as well as completing online forms.  
  • Problem-solving by finding solutions to certain digital problems.  

These are just some of the skills that many workplaces now require, so having these mastered before applying or attending work will make a massive impression.  

Not only do digital skills help whilst at work, but they can also support your job applications. Government statistics show that those with specific digital skills are 59% more likely to get their foot in the door when applying for new roles. It also will benefit those looking to upskill from your current role, as specific advanced digital skills are offered which can aid you if you're looking for a promotion. These include:  

  • Advanced Social Media Skills   
  • Digital Marketing Skills   
  • User Experience Skills   

Throughout the UK, there has been a noticeable gap between those with digital skills and those without. In fact, according to the Department of Education, nearly 10% of working adults don’t possess basic digital skills. Perhaps even more surprisingly, only 12% of executives believed the UK had sufficient digital skills and nearly three-quarters struggled with digital employment.  

With the current situation, living amongst a pandemic, businesses are looking to hire those that can work online or digitally more than ever. This leaves a massive window of opportunity for those with digital skills as businesses that are just about to return mostly likely will have technical issues as they take the transition to an online platform. Slowly but surely with the aid of our FREE online courses, those with zero digital skills can develop and bridge the skill gap that has become apparent in the digital sector.   

At The AIM Group, we are offering a FREE online course that allows you to fulfil your potential in Digital Skills. Taking you through four units the course will cover various topics and allow you to take the step up from fixing your grandma's iPad to being a digitally skilled individual with a higher chance of employment. With the summer holidays in full swing, and up to 6 weeks to complete the course, why not start now!  

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