Workplace Trends Influencing the Way We Work in 2024

Artificial Intelligence, employee wellbeing, and new sought after skills. Find out what workplace trends are developing in 2024, and how they will influence the way we work.

The way we work is constantly evolving. With the emergence of new technology every few days, younger generations filtering through into the workforce, and changes in perception of work-life balance; businesses, as well as employees, must stay on top of what’s currently happening in the workplace to secure their future. 

The Use of AI 

For many people at work, using artificial intelligence has become a part of their everyday routine. Since the arrival of Open AI’s Chat GPT, we’ve since seen the likes of Google and Bing releasing their own generative AI platforms, with Google’s ‘Gemini’ (Formally Bard), and Bing’s ‘CoPilot’ becoming an integral tool for a lot of workers. 

These tools aren’t going away. In fact, it’s likely that we’ll see a lot more development in AI technology in upcoming months and years.  

We have already seen AI influence different industries, with graphic design, animation, and coding all keeping a keen eye on what happens next. Staying up to date and mastering AI platforms relevant to your role can be extremely beneficial. It’s likely that we will see an increase in the use of AI in 2024 and ahead, and it’s the workers who understand how to use it who will gain an advantage against their peers. 

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Employee Wellbeing 

Positive well-being is a crucial part of a successful workforce. With a changing working landscape, it’s important that employee well-being is focused on at a high level.  

Research from Spill highlights that 79% of British employees commonly experience work-related stress, which has increased by 20% since 2018. This can have a huge effect on workplace dynamics, with 16% of people stating that they would be prepared to leave a company where they feel stressed out at work.  

Employee wellbeing should be one of the top priorities for employers in 2024, with efforts to increase mental and physical health in the workplace increasing.  

Hybrid working has been a hot topic amongst employees and employers alike in recent years, especially since the swift emergence of working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The opportunity for flexible has given employees a new way to improve the way they work, with 78% of those who worked from home in some capacity saying that being able to work from home gave them an improved work life balance - Source 

Skill Development 

The current job market is uncertain at best. With a shift in technology and struggling economies, learning new skills to help you stand out from a crowded market is more important than ever.  

Skill development will be key for 2024, as employees will be facing a potential uphill battle to stay ahead of the economic difficulties that are striking companies across the UK, leading to thousands of redundancies. 

Upskilling, and reskilling, has never been easier to do. Learning key skills that give you the ability and confidence to stay ahead of the curve can now be done from your own home, something that wasn’t accessible just a few years ago.  

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Gen Z’s Influence 

As Gen Z continue to rise through the ranks of the workplace, we are starting to see the way they influence and impact a workplace.  

All generations have a different outlook on work, and this generation, from 1997 – 2012, is no different. This is a generation who has grown up with modern technology, embraces change, and values flexibility – all things that will be seen in the workplace in 2024. 

According to a report from Kronos Study nearly a third of those in the Gen Z demographic believe that they are the hardest working generation. They also say that their hardworking nature is due to their work-life balance, with 35% saying that they would never tolerate being forced to work when they don’t want to. 

Gen Z value trust from management above all, with 32% saying that they’re motivated to work harder and stay longer at a company if they have a supportive manager, and 29% believe having a poor manager would get in the way of their performance at work. 

The different belief and outlook of work is something that Gen Z will take with them as they continue to work their way into the workplace and is something that we will undoubtedly see influenced. 

As we move further into 2024, it's evident that the workplace landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, shifting employee expectations, and emerging generational influences. Businesses must adapt to these changes by embracing AI technologies, prioritising employee wellbeing, investing in skill development, and understanding the unique perspectives of Generation Z workers.

By staying proactive and responsive to these trends, organisations and individuals can position themselves for long-term success in an ever-changing world of work. 

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