Body Shop Administration: Is Reskilling The Answer?

News of The Body Shop entering administration, with 2,000 jobs hanging in the balance, is just the latest chapter in a concerning trend. From retail giants like Wilko to countless smaller firms, the economic climate is taking its toll, leaving a ripple effect of skilled employees facing an uncertain future.

Who is at risk of losing their job? 

Having hired administrators to find a way forward for the business, thousands of employees at The Body Shop are now at risk of losing their job.  

That’s thousands of workers, who are skilled in their role at the retail chain, that could now potentially be plunged into a job search, where they’ll face fierce competition for roles.  

It’s not just The Body Shop either. UK Government figures show that the number of companies going under reached a high in 2023, with more than 25,000 company insolvencies registered within the year – the highest since 1993.  

With so many companies struggling last year, including retail giants Wilko, an influx of lower-skilled workers are entering the job market, which is leading to a labour shortage in The UK as they don’t have the skills to pivot into industries like IT, manufacturing, or Healthcare. 

Shop with a closed sign

Why is now the right time to reskill? 

Reskilling isn't a luxury; it's a necessity in today's volatile job market.  

These types of company administrations and insolvencies aren’t going away. In fact, they are becoming more prevalent. Protecting yourself from any unpredictable changes by developing new, sought after skills is the best way to stay ahead of these unfortunate events.  

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