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Retail & Commercial Enterprise

Retail and Commercial Enterprise (RCE) covers everything from retail assistant in high-street shops to becoming a buyer at a fashion house head office. With a huge array of jobs available within this industry there really are endless opportunities available for progression and continuing your development of skills. You can work in a multitude of sectors from food retail to sport, fashion to furniture and more.

If you’ve found the ideal RCE job for you there’s just a few things you may want to know about how the application process for how these roles usually work…

Your pathway into
the industry


There are no age restrictions for jobs in the RCE industry except for in food retail, where employers may require you to be over 18. We recommend starting at level 2 or 3, which are entry level apprenticeship positions.


Use our CV Builder and helpful CV guide to create your skills-based CV. Don’t worry too much - we are here to help if need be.


Once you have submitted your CV to us, one of our Recruitment Resourcers will be in touch to find out what kinds of roles you are after and help fill in any CV gaps if there are any. If you feel confident there are loads of jobs on our website, you can start applying for straight away!


Now we know what type of role you’re looking for we’ll help you find a position and conduct a mock interview, so you feel super prepared for that all-important next step.


If your application is successful and you’re called in for an interview we can provide support in multiple areas, including travel planning, budgeting and more.

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Required Skills & Qualifications

No prior qualifications are required to take most RCE Qualifications from Level 2 and above, but you will need 5x GCSEs at grades A*-C or 9-4 including maths and English to start at Level 3. If you are a hard- working, dedicated and passionate person one of the many available jobs in the RCE industry could be the perfect career choice for you.

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Retail Assistant

Myth busting

Retail sales assistants are the first point of contact when a customer comes into a store and it’s for this reason that this job is great for out-going, personable people who want to make a positive difference to a customer’s shopping experience. There are a wide range of sectors you can work is as a retail assistant, from food retail like M&S to high-street stores like JD Sports, all the way up to more exclusive department stores like Harrods. Retail assistants are sometimes set sales targets and required to learn about specialist products as well as other duties, so a can-do attitude is really important in this role, and there are often opportunities to progress into management.

Salary Retail Assistants at the top of their game can earn as much as £25k p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • Retail Sales Assistant
• Retail Assistant Manager
• Store Manager
• Area Manager

Finer Details

As a retail assistant you will probably end up working some or even most weekends, but only between usual high-street shop hours. Additionally, many people really enjoy the social aspect of this role because you are continuously meeting and helping new people.

You may be responsible for
- Answering questions.
- Selling products.
- Taking payments and using the cash register.
- Making sure that the goods are neat and look good in the store.

At manager level, you'll be responsible for running either a section or the store itself, which could be anything from a large chain store like a supermarket to a small boutique or independent shop.

The good points...

There’s lots of opportunities to progress and loads of different retail sales assistant roles out there.

... and the bad

You will be on your feet all day, so it’s important you wear comfortable shoes!



Myth busting

Buyers work alongside Merchandisers and Suppliers to bring the latest of what is trending into stores. This can be a hugely rewarding role, especially when you see products you’ve chosen hit the shelves but can also be stressful as you are making key decisions that can directly affect cash flow in the business. You can do this job across lots of sectors, from sports and electronics to fashion and cosmetics and more. In slow seasons you will find yourself in the office much more than usual - during busy times you will often be in meetings with suppliers or at trade shows hunting out the latest trends!

Salary Senior Buyers at the top of their game can earn as much as £70k + p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • Assistant Buyer
• Buyer
• Senior Buyer

Finer Details

Being a Buyer requires lots of dedication especially during busy buying periods, so you will often find yourself working later than the typical 9am – 5pm hours.

You may be responsible for
- Researching up-and-coming trends and predicting future sales.
- Finding suppliers and negotiating prices.
- Reacting to sudden trends and customer demand.
- Pitching ideas to senior members of staff.
- Attending supplier meetings and trade shows.

The good points...

Due to changing market trends there’s lots of variety in a Buyer role. Additionally, in industries like fashion and beauty you have the opportunity to attend glamorous events.

... and the bad

You will carry a lot of responsibility because your choices can directly affect business cash flow so you must have confidence in your decision-making.


Store Manager

Myth busting

A store manager’s job is dynamic and varied - from supporting members of staff and dealing with complaints to filling out paperwork and making sure the store is neat and tidy there will never be a dull moment! You will have an office so you can deal with sensitive issues, but you will mostly be on the shop floor. Once you have spent some time in the role as Store Manager you may want to take your training further - you may even be able to become a director in the right business with training and support.

Salary Store Managers at the top of their game can earn as much as £40k + p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • Store Manager
• Senior Store Manager
• Area Manager
• Director

Finer Details

You will be expected to work weekends as a store manager as these are the busiest hours, although you will most likely work no more than 40 hours a week.

You may be responsible for
- Dealing with customer complaints and questions.
- Interviewing and hiring staff.
- Organising annual leave and rotas.
- Organising training and training other members of staff.
- Assisting on the shop floor.
- Overseeing stock control and ensuring you have orders arriving on time.

The good points...

There is a lot of diversity in your job role so no day will be the same.

... and the bad

Your days will be busy, sometimes long and you will have to work some weekends.



Myth busting

Merchandising is very competitive due to the nature of the role, but once you’re on the merchandising ladder you can specialise in a sector and even progress into management. Merchandisers decide where products sit on the shelves and work closely with buyers to ensure there is enough space to include new products. They also work with suppliers to come up with unique visual displays to sell products.

Salary Senior Merchandisers at the top of their game can earn as much as £70k + p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • Assistant Merchandiser • Merchandiser • Senior Merchandiser • Merchandiser Manager • Director of Merchandising

Finer Details

You will usually work in the HQ of a company and visit stores every so often to ensure that they are displaying products correctly. No two days are ever the same but you will usually work standard office hours.

You may be responsible for
- Visiting suppliers and manufacturers.
- Working with buyers and suppliers.
- Ordering products.
- Working with the marketing team on promotions and advertising campaigns.

The good points...

Because of the markets you will be working to tight deadlines - achieving these deadlines and seeing the results of your hard work is very rewarding.

... and the bad

It is a very demanding job role, as you will often be working to very tight deadlines.


ECommerce Administrator

Myth busting

ECommerce Administrators have a dynamic and varied job role. They need to be logically minded and very organised, but also have a knack for creating good content. They will often be in charge of uploading new products to websites, so will need to have a keen eye for visual aesthetics and may even need to write content from time to time.

Salary ECommerce Administrators at the top of their game can earn as much as £30k + p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • ECommerce Administrator Assistant
• ECommerce Administrator
• ECommerce Manager
• Director of ECommerce

Finer Details

You will usually work standard office hours, Monday-Friday but may need to pitch up and stay later when new product lines are being released, as you will need to ensure all content is uploaded and ready to go by the deadline.

You may be responsible for
- Updates of images, content, products, software applications and promotions.
- Managing products, categories, orders and shipping may also fall into your remit.
- Designing different strategies for increasing web sales.

The good points...

Because of the skills and qualities you will retain in this role, with the right training and support you will be able to progress in your career, or even move into a similar role within the marketing department.

... and the bad

Sometimes the job may be very repetitive as you will be re-uploading similar content in a loop, especially when new products/lines are launching.