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If you want to work within an industry that actively makes society a better place, then look no further than Health, Public Services & Care. There are a range of roles available, that all have one end goal - providing support to the general public. Roles within these organisations tend to have clear progression and structure, allowing you to take on more responsibility. Many roles within this sector will see you working with individuals in difficult situations, you the ability to remain calm and act in a calm and professional manner is a must! It goes without saying that providing frontline support to the public does have its’ challenges, however it’s also extremely rewarding.

If you’ve found the ideal HPSC for you there’s just a few things you may want to know about how the application process for these roles usually work…

Your pathway into
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Always keep an eye out in local authorities, for opportunities such as volunteering and work experience to boost your CV.


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Required Skills & Qualifications

Prior qualifications needed vary quite a lot, dependent on the role you are going for. Always check the entry requirements. Many roles will involve working with people from a range of backgrounds on a daily basis, including those who might be vulnerable. So it’s important that you are personable, rational, and are able to remain calm in difficult situations.

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Social Worker

Myth busting

If you’re compassionate, and want a career that can really see you making a difference to the lives of others, then you might be the perfect social worker. Social Workers can work with a range of people, including children, those with disabilities, the elderly, people suffering with drug/alcohol abuse, or people with mental health issues. Ultimately, the main goal is simple, to provide help and support to those who really need it most. You will need to be personable, rational and have excellent communication skills, as you may find yourself in some difficult situations.

Salary Salaries vary depending on location and your specialist area. A Senior Social Worker with years of experience can earn around £60k + p/a
Progression Job Role Progression: • Social Worker
• Social Work Manager
• Senior Practitioner
• Sector Specialist
• Running an NHS Trust

Finer Details

Whilst you will do a lot of work that’s office based, dependent on your specialist area, you may also have to travel to visit your service users. For example, visiting children at their home.

Responsibilities May Include:
• Organise and writing reports on service users in the care system.
• Have contact with vulnerable people.
• Building relationships with your clients & other professionals in the care network.
• Giving evidence in court.
• Being on call and available in crises.

The good points...

Social Work is extremely rewarding role, as you are able to have a real positive impact on service users’ lives. You will be working with people from a wide range of backgrounds on a daily basis, so it’s great for those who have sociable skills. There’s a stigma that jobs in social care are quite depressing. However, more often than note, Social Workers will end their time with their service users on a positive note!

... and the bad

It goes without saying that this role is highly demanding. While there are many opportunities for positive outcomes, there may also be occasions when you will find yourself in distressing situations, and will need to behave in a calm and professional manner. Many organisations can be quite stretched, with demand outweighing supply, so it’s likely that you might have a heavy caseload!


Dental Nurse

Myth busting

Dental Nurses provide hands on support to Dentists on a daily basis. If you’re squeamish - this job might not be for you. It’s a widely varied role that will see you working with a range of people - from small children to adults. Many people have a phobia of the dentist, so you will have to be personable and have the ability to be calm and professional in a range of situations. The ability to reassure people and put them at ease is a must!

Salary A dental nurse can earn on average £25k p/a.
Progression Job Progression: • Dental Nurse
• Dental Hygienist
• Dental Therapist
• Orthodontist

Finer Details

There are lots of entry routes into becoming a Dental Nurse, but an Apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain some on the job experience as well as getting the relevant qualifications!

Responsibilities May Include:
Maintaining operating equipment.
• Looking after patient records.
• Working closely with the dentist, responding quickly and efficiently to requests.
• Decontaminating the operating equipment.
• Carrying out stock checks and making sure everything is in place.

The good points...

This is a highly varied role, that will give you the opportunity to work with a wide range of people on a daily basis. With the right experience and additional training, you can even progress to roles such as Fully Qualified Dentist and Orthodontist.

... and the bad

Dental Nurses usually work normal office hours, however, depending on surgery opening times, may be required to work evenings. Starting salaries usually aren’t that attractive, but with the right experience and further training, this can increase an awful lot.



Myth busting

If you want a fast paced job where no day will be the same, a Paramedic role might just be for you. Paramedics work on the frontline of our Health System, responding to the most urgent calls and situations. You’ll have to have the medical knowledge, alongside the ability to act in a calm and professional manner in difficult situations. Your actions could be the difference between life and death, so a rational head is a must! Most Paramedics are employed by the NHS, and there are a range of degree apprenticeships available as an entrance to this role.

Salary A paramedic who has undergone additional training in critical care or trauma can earn around £36k p/a.
Progression Job Progression: • Trainee Paramedic
• Qualified Paramedic
• Senior Paramedic
• Emergency Services Team Leader
• Operational Manager

Finer Details

You will have to be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council in order to be a Paramedic. There’s a range of qualifications you can gain to make you eligible to join - so there are lots of entry routes.

Responsibilities May Include:
• Assessing patients and making diagnoses.
• Dressing wounds & injuries.
• Teaching the public to use First Aid techniques effectively.
• Transporting patients to the hospital, and providing care whilst doing so.
• Monitoring and administering medication.

The good points...

There’s lots of opportunity for professional development, allowing you to progress in your career. Every day will be different, as you will be dealing with a variety of cases. This role is perfect for anyone who likes to be challenged on a daily basis.

... and the bad

You will have to have excellent decision making skills, and may be called out to some difficult jobs. Working hours may also be long and unsociable, as you will be required to work nights and weekends.


Police Officer

Myth busting

Being a Police Officer isn’t filled with action all the time - it’s a varied role that can see you dealing with a wide range of people and situations. Because of this, you will need excellent communication and decision making skills. There’s an element of paperwork and administration involved, so you will need to be organised also.

Salary A regional Chief Constable can earn upwards of £120k + p/a!
Progression Job Progression: • Student Officer
• Police Constable
• Sergeant
• Chief Constable

Finer Details

Working hours can vary a great deal, and you will be required to work evenings, bank holidays and weekends.

Responsibilities May Include:
• Explaining the law.
• Preventing crime.
• Assisting accidents and other incidents.
• Assisting at large events.
• Working with members of other emergency services.

The good points...

There are a range of benefits of being a police officer, such as free travel on public transport, excellent overtime rates and job security. There are also always clear progression pathways, so you will always have something to aim for.

... and the bad

There’s an element of danger involved with this job, as you will have to respond to a range of situations, such as burglaries. There’s also a lot of paperwork and administration involved, which can be considered to be undesirable for many!