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If you are looking for to progress within the construction industry, the AIM Group has a variety of qualifications for to help you meet industry standards. There are many benefits to the construction industry, and we would like to assist you on your journey.

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Who should take a construction course?

Construction Workers 

These online construction courses can complement any additional qualifications you may hold, such as a CSCS certificate which is a necessity if you intend to work on a construction site. There are many opportunities within the construction industry to progress up the pay scale. Completing additional qualifications, such as the part-time construction courses, are an excellent way of showing your dedication to employers. If you have a desire to educate yourself within your chosen field, it can look strong on promotion applications. 

There are many roles which can be undertaken within construction and the AIM Group provides the perfect platform to choose between a variety of courses. There are many opportunities available for someone who is looking for an online part-time course to fit around your daily responsibilities.  

Employees with limited free time  

We offer part time construction courses which can be completed in your own time. There are certain entry requirements you must meet to qualify. You will be able to see a courses criterion by checking the "Requirements section," of each individual course.  

Employees without the finances to pay for courses (free online construction courses)  

There are many free construction courses that are funded by the adult education budget. We work with a network of colleges to offer free construction courses in the UK with government funding. Get in touch today to enquire about studying construction. 

What will Construction Qualifications do for my career?

Employers within the construction industry can value any potential employee who has completed a Level 3 in relevant trade skills which specialises in their field. Employers value employees who are willing to invest in additional training and skills development. This shows that you are committed to your career and are willing to go the extra mile to improve your skills. 

Skills and Personalities that are useful when working in construction:


Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination  


Physical Strength and Endurance  

Problem Solving  


Taking the Initiative  

Willing to Learn  

Working under pressure and deadlines  

There are many roles available within the construction industry, such as:

Brick laying  



Construction and The Built Environment  

Decorative and Finishing  

Electrical Instillation  





Wall & Floor Tiling

Common Hours  

40-45 Hours  

Common Working Schedule  


Benefits to a trade skills course:

Employers need trained professionals with relevant qualifications  

Improves rate of site safety  

Regular physical activity  

Reduces errors and improves working environment  

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