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In less than a 5-minute read, you can understand the difference between our Nationally Accredited; Level 3 TA Apprenticeship and Level 3 TA Diploma. - Both of which are 100% FREE for the learner.  

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Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship  

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma 

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TA Level 3 Diploma vs TA Apprenticeship  

  1. The Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship includes the Full Diploma Syllabus, plus much more.
  2. Both Courses are FREE for the learner - Utilising the AEB (Adult Education Budget)  
  3. Apprenticeship applicants must be working within a relevant workplace setting, whilst undertaking this course. This is because some modules require, “On the Job" experience (Employers value this.)  
  4. The diploma is an online course, meaning it can be studied remotely “Off the Job.” 

FUNDING LOCATIONS - (Where is AEB funding available for these qualifications) 

TA Diploma is only offered in - Middlesborough | Liverpool | Bolton | Manchester | Oldham | Chester | Cambridge | Doncaster | Peterborough | Birmingham | Coventry | Dudley | Walsall | Wolverhampton | Bath | Bristol | Gloucester | Bromley | London | Croydon | Romford | Sutton | Enfield | Twickenham | Harrow | South-Hall | Ilford | Kingston | Watford | Walthamstow 

TA Apprenticeship is offered - Across the whole of the United Kingdom! 


Diploma - 12 MONTHS  

Apprenticeship - 15 MONTHS  

(This depends on the learner's ability and speed in completing coursework) 


This can be found on the individual course pages.  

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Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship  

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma 

Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship London  

London is one of the most popular areas for our Apprenticeship Courses.  

With the demand for new staff on the rise which brings large recruitment costs; it can often be more beneficial to reward existing staff with Apprenticeship opportunities. This allows them to Up-Skill whilst retaining their vital role within the workforce.  

With the need for new School Staff rising, London has been impacted more than ever by shortages. In fact, this has reached a point where the majority of parents cannot get their children into first or second-choice school placements. If you would like to make an impact today then get in touch

In 2021, a case study showed that 4 in 5 schools were aware they had staff shortages. If you are looking for a teaching assistant within the London area but do not have the budget to hire a fully qualified TA. Why not find someone passionate about the education sector and offer them an Apprenticeship Opportunity?


Why progress as a TA? 

Respect/Progression/Job security or to make an impact. 

Many students do not give enough respect to school staff. The further you progress, the more authority you have and the less you have to take from them.  

If you are motivated by your career and can see a strong future within the education sector, this course may be useful for you. It provides good steps towards a full-time teaching role where you can specialise in a subject of your choosing.  

If you like to feel secure within your job, this could be a good way to show your commitment to your role and yourself. If things do not work out in your current position, you will be in a stronger position to appeal for new roles with qualifications backing up your points. 

But if you are one of those people, who wakes up every day to build a stronger future for the children within your care, then this is one of the best ways for you to make your impact. 

Once you are in a TA position you can positively impact the futures of the young minds you work with day in and day out.  

How/Are Apprenticeships Free? 

 Yes! But No. 

For the learner, they are 100% FREE. Although your employer may be asked to pay a small 5% contribution. Not a bad deal, right?! 

The apprenticeship will need to be discussed with your line manager prior to enrolment to make sure they are onboard and understand the process. 

If you would like more information, feel free to contact our Qualifications Team on 02039003091 

Do I fit the Eligibility Criteria for this Qualification?  

This course is fully funded and is available to anyone who falls within the eligibility requirements below:  


  • Age 16+ 
  • EU / UK Resident for 3+ years 
  • You will be required to have achieved Level 1 English and Maths and achieved Level 2 English and Maths tests prior to completion. 
  • You must be CURRENTLY employed within an education setting 

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These qualifications can cost up to £5000 to fund independently! 

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Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship  

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma  

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