Learning Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

Moderate Learning Disability, Mild Learning disability, Learning Difficulties and Cognitive Learning Difficulties. Severe Impairment, Severe and Profound Learning Disabilities.

What is the difference? And, how do I correctly identify and help those with each?

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Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Learning Disability Definition uk

These conditions affect abilities far beyond an educational setting. People can be prohibited from making friends and this could impact their daily lives. The dictionary definition is, A person with below 70 IQ. We believe there is a lot more to it.

Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Example: Is dyslexia a difficulty? Yes.

People with Dyslexia are most commonly born with the condition. This is one of the key signs of a disability. Research has shown that dyslexia can be treated overtime, through proper education. Despite this, students who face these conditions will have a far harder time understanding reading tasks.

What Causes a Disability?

Disability's are very often recognisable before birth and can often be identified during pregnancy. Other disabilities can be post birth and are most often caused by trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Learning Difficulties Definition uk

The definition of a learning difficulty, is when the daily life of the recipient, has been effected by their condition. Normal everyday tasks become harder and the difficulty can stop or slow down their effectiveness.

Learning difficulties are different to learning disabilities. Difficulties can effect the individuals ability to carry out normal day to day things such as reading, writing and even speaking.

Luckily many difficulties can often be treated. Reducing the conditions overall impact and lessening long term adverse effects. Many with learning difficulties have a range of intellectual abilities, making it hard to adopt the one size fits all model.

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Example: Is dyslexia a disability? No.

Dyslexia definition uk: People with dyslexia can struggle to read and write to the same degree as other students. It could also be effecting their ability to undertake the same task as somebody else.

In order to make sure that this does not cause them problems we must provide a higher level off support. TA's can be very useful in these scenarios, helping students 1-2-1 and often writing for them in exam scenarios. This ensures everybody gets to compete on a level plane field.

Why do we need to create an inclusive environment for all students?

Many Teachers and School staff often struggle to build a fully inclusive environment for their students. This is because many pupils learn at different speeds. Creating an educational workplace, where everyone works at the same pace, is not an easy task. Some students are left waiting while others become stressed as they fall behind.

Many who have autism, struggle with regimented school curriculums. But, they thrive when given the the opportunity to express themselves in a way that they feel comfortable. When we find the correct learning style for each individual, many adults with learning disabilities go on to have extremely rewarding lives.

One of the main reasons is, we don't understand what a mild learning disability is. Everyone gets put into the same category with the same label. This is irrelevant of the fact they may have severe learning disabilities or moderate learning difficulties. They are often placed in a separate classroom and made to feel isolated.

How do we create an inclusive classroom?

We do this in the same way that we teach pupils, through education. By understanding the difference between Learning Disability's & Learning Difficulties, we can provide the support to students who need it most.

There is so many different disability labels in the uk (disability terminology uk), that it very hard to keep up. The Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities courses are believed to be the best solution.

Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

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