Until this point, the Teaching Assistant qualification could only be achieved by employees. This has now changed!

If you always dreamt of a TA role but never knew how to progress into one, we have an opportunity for you. 

Volunteers can now take our Teaching Assistant Level 3 Qualification. 

Find on-the-job experience and back it up with a qualification! 

Teaching Assistant Course 

9/10 Schools Will Be Bankrupt by 2023 

Schools need you

We are facing budget cuts and price increases all across the united kingdom, schools are not exempt. If we continue in this direction, it could lead to the collapse of our education industry. 

Due to the increased energy prices, our public services are becoming more expensive to run. Combining this with the increased cost of living means that Teachers' salaries are needing to increase, further cutting into the school's allocated spending budget. 

What does this mean for the education of the next generation?

Well, headteachers have said that as a consequence of their running out of money there will be larger class sizes with a reduced curriculum, and the proposed spending cuts will finish many schools.

When speaking to Paul Whiteman, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers. He warned, ‚ÄúThere are no easy fixes left. A scary prospect, but we can help. 

This is a major issue for the future of the united kingdom's education. 

So how can we help? 

The AIM Group are working hard to train new TAs and relevant school staff every day. 

But our education sector is against the wall. The government have further warned that teaching support roles could be lost and around half of all schools will be in the red before 2022 is over. 

If you are considering volunteering then now is the time. Those who want to back this up with a qualification now can! 

Teaching Assistant Course

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