During this difficult period, it is more important than ever that we support each other. Our children and students need our help to get through this period of uncertainty more than most. Here at The AIM Group, we have several ways to help you, help them. 


Book a session with our school engagement officers - CLICK HERE 

Our engaging sessions allow your students to get a better understanding of the range of opportunities available to them when leaving school. We can develop a bespoke menu of sessions that are directly tailored to your student's needs. Get in touch today to find out about how we can support your school further. 

Train in Children’s Mental health through our online courses 

Mental Health problems affect 1 in 10 children and young people. These issues include depression, anxiety and conduct disorder and often have a huge impact on a young person’s life if they are not supported. This course will help you understand factors that may affect children and young people’s mental health, there impact and how you can support them if they have mental health concerns. Mental wellbeing is just as important as a young person’s physical health, therefore it’s important to have a good understanding of the concepts, risk factors and effects that mental health can have. 

Get kids to sign up for our online recruitment service 

Our recruitment service works with multiple companies (Sky, Anglia Water, Mercedes Benz) who are looking to hire apprentices. If students sign up with The AIM Group, they can be contacted and shortlisted for some of these amazing positions. This free service allows students to input their career interests, which allows our recruitment department to only contact them with relevant opportunities. If the students are approached with an opportunity, our employees will guide them through the application and interview process. Then if they secure the position, we will stay in touch to support them at the start of this exciting endeavour. 

Sign up to a teacher training webinar:  CLICK HERE 

Ensuring that your staff are up to date on the latest industry knowledge and local opportunities is key in ensuring you can give the best advice to your students. Our partner, Amazing Apprenticeships have a range of virtual sessions that you can attend in real time or watch at a later date on catch up. Click the above link to browse the range of informative sessions 


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