Our journey

About us

The AIM Group specialise in finding training and employment opportunities for those who want to reach their full potential. We work with a range of employers and training providers, allowing us to bring amazing opportunities to your fingertips! We have a friendly team of dedicated advisors, who are able to help find the perfect opportunity for you. So don’t be shy - get in touch. Together, we can Inspire, Develop and Empower.

Fast facts

• We work with 2,500 schools a year to talk about apprenticeship opportunities.
• We present to 375,000 students a year.
• We have placed 39,000 people onto vocational qualifications since 2019
• We work with 1232 employers, NEET Organisations and training providers.

AIM Group Story


We launched in 2014 when Connexions ceased to exist. This created a huge gap for students who were coming to the end of school with little career guidance. We started off with a focus on school engagement and would attend assemblies for school students aged 16+ to talk to them about alternative career routes.


In July 2015 we officially launched the AIM Group as a business and bought on some more members of staff to help manage the workload - the school engagement presentations were proving to be heavily sought after and our CEO, Lewis, was keen to expand the different areas of employability that we could use to help create opportunities for young people.

Timeline - 2015


We started 2016 by launching our first Apprenticeship Guide with 25,000 copies being printed and distributed to students in Essex and beyond. Our school engagement reach rapidly expanded as schools were coming to realise that their students needed more guidance when it came to choosing a post 16 pathway which suited them. We also gleaned a stronghold for our services in Oxford, Thames Valley and Essex County.

Timeline, 2016


Our second Apprenticeship Workbook was launched during 2017 as our school engagement was rapidly expanding and we wanted to include the feedback from students, parents and teachers about what they felt was crucial to include in our guide. In May of 2017 we also launched our fully funded VRQS/Vocational Courses under the AIM Qualifications branch of the AIM Group, these courses are integral to many of our social mobility projects. Additionally, we started to take on large corporate partners in the finance and hospitality sector.

Timeline - 2017


In 2018 we realised that we needed to officially establish a not-for-profit element of the business which solely focused on expanding the work we were doing with our corporate partners in creating equal employment opportunities for all and launched the AIM Group Foundation in readiness for the academic year. During this time, we also introduced Pre-Employment training to AIM Qualifications. This allowed us to provide support to individuals who were keen to get back into employment, but weren’t quite work ready.



The AIM Group, AIM Group Foundation, AIM Apprenticeships and AIM Qualifications will be officially launched under the new brand guidelines in January. We will continue to work with our trusted educational partnerships and corporate sponsors to enable as many young people as possible to be given equal opportunities to start the career of their dreams and have pledged to visit more schools, reach more young people and work with more partners than ever before.